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Exemption Details

# Category Who is Exempt Agency or Individual Exempted Documents RCW/U.S.C.
1 Abstract Washington State Department of Licensing Agency Certified copies of abstracts or judgements AGO 61-62 No. 136 (WA State Agency: Abstract or Judgment.)
2 Protection Orders Public Agency, Foreign Prosecutor and Law Enforcement Agency All documents in the case RCW 26.52.060 (Law Enforcement, Prosecutor: Protection Orders.)
3 Emancipation Petitioner for Emancipation Individual A certified copy of the decree RCW 13.64.050 (Petitioner: Emancipation.)
4 Paternity and Support/Support Enforcement/ DCS/DSHS WS DSHS (DCS)/ Attorney General/WA State Department of Social and Health Services Agency Copies of documents necessary to establish paternity or enforce or collect support monies RCW 74.20.300 (DSHC, DCS, WA AG: Paternity and Support)
5 Sentencing Criminal WA State Prosecutors Agency Copies of documents related to criminal convictions RCW 9.94A.500 (WA Prosecutor: Sentencing post-conviction.)
6 Sexual Assault Protection Order, Stalking Protection Order, Vulnerable Adult Protection Order, Extreme Risk Protection Order, Domestic Violence Petitioner of a protection order Individual Copies of documents in the case RCW 7.90.055 (Petitioner Sexual Assault)
RCW 74.34.310 (Petitioner Vulnerable Adult)
RCW 7.92.080 (Petitioner Stalking)
RCW 7.94.030 (9) (Petitioner Extreme Risk)
RCW 26.50.040 (Petitioner Domestic Violence)
7 Veterans Veteran legal representative, surviving spouse/domestic partner, child or parent of any deceased veteran Individual Any document in the case file to record and issue RCW 73.04.120 (Veterans, and veterans representatives: case file )
8 Veterans Applicant-Service Personnel Individual Copies of a record that is required by the veteran’s administration to be used to determine the eligibility to participate in benefits available by Veterans administration RCW 73.36.155 (Veteran: case file for eligibility purposes)
9 Veterans Honorably discharged soldier or seaman, or the spouse/domestic partner, orphan, or legal representative Individual Official certificate for the procuring of any pension, bounty, or back pay RCW 73.04.010 (Veteran or legal representative: Certificate.)