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Civil protection orders are available for situations involving domestic or family violence, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, extreme risk, or vulnerable adult situations. RCW 7.105 provides information to help you understand the differences between protection order types and provides other important information.

Through this KC Script Portal, you can also submit documents for the enforcement of a Canadian Domestic Violence Protection Order.

Assistance from an Advocate: Even though you are not required, you can speak with an advocate or with other protection order related community groups. They could offer confidential and services free of charge. These groups can help you assess your level of danger, plan for safety, and assist you with completing the protection order petition and other required documents. If you wish to connect with these resources, please click HERE.

Step 1: Fill Out the Required Forms

Fill out the required forms through Washington Law Help. Washington Law help is an online form generator and will easily help you fill out the forms you need to initiate your case. We highly recommend that you use this tool to fill out the forms to avoid delays or submitting incomplete forms. After you have your forms filled out, proceed to Step 2 below.

Fill Out Your Forms: Washington Law Help Fill Out Your Forms: Washington Law Help

If you prefer to print blank forms in PDF or Word versions, please visit our website HERE.

Step 2: Submit Your Documents to the Clerk

If you are ready to submit your documents, click “Proceed and Submit Your Protection Order” below.

The clerk will review your submission on the next business day if you submit your protection order documents outside of regular business hours. Once we review your submission, we will notify you via email and through your portal account. All messages pertaining to your submission will be sent to the email address associated with your portal account.

Click to Proceed and Submit Your Protection Order

Note to Law Enforcement Agencies:

Please continue to use our e-filing system to file Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) outside business hours. Link to KC - eFiling (