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How to Use this Portal

To view accessible superior court case information use one of the search options (available in the black menu bar above):

  • Search by Case Number: Use this search when the case number is known.
  • Search by Name: Use this search and enter a person or organization name to find a matching name associated as a primary case participant.
  • Judgment Search: Use this search to view an execution docket / judgment record.
  • Other Records Search: Use this search to view publicly accessible non-case records retained by the Clerk.
  • Public Records

    Access to Superior Court records is defined by federal law, state law, court rule, and / or case law. For more information, please read the Washington Court's Access to Court Records Brochure.

    Case types accessible through this portal are most: (1) Criminal, (2) Civil, (3, 4) Family Law, and (8) Juvenile Offender. Other records include: Will Repository submissions, Land Title Registration, Search Warrant and General Orders.

    For additional information about other case and records access options, go to the Clerk’s Access to Case Records webpage.

    Case Documents

    Case documents cannot be viewed or e-filed through this KC-SCRIPT records access portal.

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    King County Clerk's Office

    The Superior Court Clerks Office, also known as the King County Department of Judicial Administration, serves as the official record keeper for the King County Superior Court. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining and managing access to the official records, dating back to 1854.

    Viewing documents, case information and listening to recorded hearings in the clerk's office is cost free: office hours and locations.

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